sunnuntai 6. joulukuuta 2015

Happy Independence Day Finland!

Finnish Independence Day evening 6.12.2013 I received sad news.
Today is exactly 2 years my son's death.
I love my son, always in my heart.

    Mom, someone has to sue the woods and talking?
    There, as echoes, so shout and rumor!
    Son, listen quietly, you can hear!
    It is the soul of the forest, which now keeps on calling the winds.
    Mother, ah, can you hear you do that?
    It's like  one thousand sheep running clocks
    around his neck in a swamp!
    Boy, I heard before; I have not been able to hear anymore,
    too much the fate of the clock, the soul of tires.
    Mom, what are you crying, you'll hear the forest?
    Mother they call the soul of the forest winds?
    Boy! Take it easy!
    I am crying with joy when you run curls fluttering.
    Mother playing with me also the fate of the clock, when I grow up,
    then when I sleep many nights, and the work is already infected?
    The boy, yes, the fate of the bells, longing for the pigeons;
    You understand people's cries, and the mother of namby-pamby.
    Wonderful Mom, do not cry when I give these flowers to you.

                             (Einari Vuorela, 1921)


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